Become a participating site

WAYFIND-R is always looking to expand its community and work with new sites. The more sites that join, the more representative the WAYFIND-R population becomes. This will improve the quality and relevance of WAYFIND-R’s data and, alongside, its research capabilities and value for patients.

Participating in WAYFIND-R


WAYFIND-R is a global registry that enrols patients with solid tumours profiled with a next-generation sequencing (NGS) test and that collects data on patient and tumour characteristics, and their outcomes. It aims to enable collaborations and provide meaningful insights and high-quality evidence to enhance our understanding of precision oncology and ultimately transform the lives of people with cancer. 

The WAYFIND-R Data Availability Dashboard shows aggregated data from all participating sites and will support to inform research with insights from aggregated data and address questions like:

  • What is the prevalence of a specific alteration in a specific cancer type?

  • What are the treatment patterns of a genomically defined population?

Additionally, access to anonymised individual-level data from the WAYFIND-R global database can be requested to perform registry-based studies.

Do you want to join the WAYFIND-R community?

Academic centres, community hospitals and private clinics with an oncology department are welcome to join WAYFIND-R and enrol patients. 

Site eligibility criteria include routinely carrying out NGS testing and having access to a multidisciplinary tumour board, held either virtually or at the hospital, that discusses patients’ NGS results.


If you are interested in joining WAYFIND-R, please contact us by filling out the form below to learn more about eligibility criteria and the next steps.