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WAYFIND-R aims to provide the medical and scientific community with access to high-quality data via the WAYFIND-R Data Sharing and Collaboration platform. Its technical infrastructure provides researchers and physicians with the opportunity to explore and visualise the data, perform research analyses, and engage in collaborations, all within a secure environment.

Opportunities with the global WAYFIND-R dataset

High-quality real-world evidence can be used to bridge current and future knowledge gaps in the evolving field of precision oncology.

WAYFIND-R is a global registry that enrols patients with solid tumours profiled with a next-generation sequencing (NGS) test and collects data on patient and tumour characteristics and their outcomes. By collecting data in a diligent and standardised approach, WAYFIND-R aims to create a global high-quality database. This will help clinicians to enhance their understanding of patient care, and researchers to collaborate and generate valuable real-world evidence and answer research questions within the field precision oncology.


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The WAYFIND-R Data Sharing and Collaboration Platform


WAYFIND-R facilitates data sharing and collaborations within the research and medical community, to advance scientific progress and improve patient care. The WAYFIND-R Data Sharing and Collaboration Platform offers a digital solution for physicians and researchers to access the global real-world WAYFIND-R dataset within a secure environment. It includes multiple built-in functionalities and advanced analytics tools that can be used to explore and analyse the data.

Explore the data to enhance your understanding of precision oncology

The WAYFIND-R Data Sharing and Collaboration Platform provides access to oncology real-world data within a secure computing environment for collaboration, visualisation and analytical research.
WAYFIND-R investigators and their teams have access to the Data Availability Dashboard, which hosts aggregated data from the global dataset. Its user-friendly interface with with pre-defined visualisations allows users to create various cohorts, and explore the data based on different filters, such as tumour and treatment type, genomic alterations and more. 

WAYFIND-R will enable further insights into the disease courses of patients with solid tumours, their molecular tumour profiles and clinical decision-making, treatment patterns and access to molecularly matched therapies for these patients. By analysing individual level data academic researchers can answer an array of research questions with advanced analytics tools within the platform.


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How can researchers benefit from the WAYFIND-R database?


You can request access to anonymised patient-level data from the WAYFIND-R database on a project basis by submitting a research proposal to the Independent Data Access Committee (IDAC) directly through the Platform. Upon approval, you and your collaborators will gain access to a secure research module with pre-built visualisations and statistical analytics tools to perform analyses and answer an array of research questions. 

For example, here are some research questions WAYFIND-R could help answer:



What is the landscape of genomic profiles by tumour type?


How do multidisciplinary tumour boards impact the treatment decision and outcomes of cancer patients?


What are the treatment patterns in genomically defined populations?


And many more…

More details on the process for accessing the WAYFIND-R database and performing registry-based studies are coming soon.


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