Dr Rodrigo Dienstmann

Medical Director, Oncoclínicas Precision Medicine and Big Data, Oncoclínicas,

Principal Investigator, Oncology Data Science Group, Vall d’Hebron Institute of Oncology,
Barcelona, Spain


Source: Personal archive, Vall d’Hebron Molecular Therapeutics Research Unit

"WAYFIND-R will increase the diversity of populations included in clinico-genomic studies. So far, predominantly cancer patients of White European ancestry treated in reference academic institutions are represented in real-world data studies. I truly believe that WAYFIND-R will help reduce inequities in personalised oncology, as we will evaluate molecular epidemiology at a global scale, and better understand the gaps in access to cancer care."


Dr Dienstmann moved to the Vall d’Hebron Institute of Oncology (VHIO) in Barcelona, Spain for training in phase I development of cancer drugs, after he obtained his degree in Brazil. He helped develop a molecular pre-screening strategy to match the genomic profile of each patient’s tumour to targeted agents.

During his postgraduate training at the Molecular Pathology Laboratory of Massachusetts General Hospital, Boston, USA, he was responsible for standardised decision support and structured reports of next-generation sequencing tests of somatic cancer variants. He then assisted the Sage Bionetworks Computational Oncology team, Seattle, USA, in the application of big data analytics models for tumour subtyping, prognostic and predictive multi-omics markers.

In addition to his role as investigator in many real-world data and systems biology projects, Dr Dienstmann coordinates the Molecular Pre-screening Programme and Molecular Tumour Boards at VHIO.

He has recently joined Oncoclínicas Group in Brazil as Medical Director of the Precision Medicine and Big Data Initiative, where he is responsible for clinical implementation of comprehensive genomic profiling, Molecular Tumour Boards and maintenance of clinico-genomics cohorts.

LINK: https://grupooncoclinicas.com/medicos_oc/rodrigo-dienstmann/