Prof. Allan Hackshaw

MSc; co-chair

Director of Cancer Research UK and University College London Cancer Trials Centre, University College London,
London, UK


Source: Personal archive


"Data sharing and data access are commonly stated goals of clinical research, but in reality, the process for obtaining data have often been arduous and off-putting. WAYFIND-R aims to provide participating cancer centres and researchers with easy access to its comprehensive data resource, allowing multiple research projects to be created and completed by researchers in a timely fashion."

Prof. Hackshaw is the Director of Cancer Research UK and the University College London Cancer Trials Centre. His expertise is epidemiology and medical statistics, and his research is focussing on the design, analysis and conduct of clinical trials, epidemiological studies and systematic reviews of cancer treatments and screening / early detection.

He has > 30 years’ experience in the design, conduct and interpretation of small and large scale clinical trials (phase I-III), observational studies and systematic reviews, in a variety of disease areas (particularly cancer treatments, prognosis and screening). These have covered combinations of standard and targeted systemic therapies, surgery and radiotherapy, as well as a large scale genomic study in lung cancer. 

He has published more than 200 journal articles and book chapters and is the sole or first author of four textbooks including several on clinical trials. He delivers modules on evidence-based medicine and clinical trials for postgraduate courses at UCL and the London School of Economics, and training courses for health professionals.