With WAYFIND-R, advancing precision oncology is within reach

WAYFIND-R is a global registry that will collect data from patients who have been diagnosed with a solid tumour and whose tumour has been profiled with a next-generation sequencing (NGS) test.

WAYFIND-R aims to enable collaborations and to provide meaningful insights and high-quality evidence to enhance our understanding of precision oncology and ultimately transform the lives of people with cancer.


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WAYFIND-R is a global, multicentre, prospective pan-cancer registry to collect long-term data to gain clinical insights on characteristics and outcomes from patients with solid tumors profiled with a next-generation sequencing (NGS) test in routine care.



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WAYFIND-R aims to provide the medical and scientific community with access to high-quality data and exciting opportunities to collaborate and help advance cancer research, all within a secure database.




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WAYFIND-R is always looking to expand its community and work with new sites.  The more sites that join, the more representative the WAYFIND-R population becomes. This will improve the quality and relevance of WAYFIND-R’s data and, in addition, its research capabilities and value for patients.

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*Note that the estimated numbers are subject to change (status as of 24/Jul/2024).


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